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The first law firm to focus exclusively in R&D Tax Credits.

We will quickly and effectively identify areas where you can apply for R&D tax credits, what conditions your R&D project must meet to qualify, what costs you can claim for, how you claim, and whether you can get tax relief, or tax credits paid back to you.

Technical Writing

Proactive and simple evidence curation year-round to maximize your claim

Financial Claim Preparation

Preparation of all required forms, monitoring your SR&ED claim once filed

Audit Defence

Audit defence and negotiation during government reviews

The members of the Stonecracker Scientific Legal Network are the ONLY law firms in the world that practice R&D Tax credit claim preparation. We are a team of lawyers working along side highly qualified engineers, scientists, technical and finance/tax experts who thrive on complex R&D tax problems, scenarios, and situations that few preparers can comfortably handle.

We have a proven track record of successfully filing many millions of dollars worth of Research & Development claims, on behalf of taxpayers in Canada and the UK. Our experience encompasses a wide array of industries and sectors, servicing everything from small through large to international corporations. The Stonecracker Scientific Legal Network has a comprehensive and current understanding of the R&D-Tax Credit-related Tax Court rulings, with the ability to see your claim through from initial consultation to litigation.

We pride ourselves on providing you with high quality, personalized advice that relieves pressures associated with making business decisions pertaining to your R&D claim. We do not replace your company’s current counsel or tax preparer, but rather work closely with them, ensuring everyone’s expertise is utilized to maximize your tax credit.

Why a Law Firm?

  • The advice we give you is protected by Solicitor-Client Privilege. The solicitor’s Duty of Confidentiality protects you better than any NDA.
  • R&D Tax Credits are a complex blend of four areas of law: Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law and Tax Law. You must have all those areas of law correct to be entitled to an R&D Tax Credit claim.


  • Proprietary and seamless evidence curation methods that allow us to proactively maximise your R&D claim, maximise your position for audit defence, and minimise your effort.
  • You receive R&D-Credit-aware legal advice as a part of our service, throughout the year, focusing solely on how to maximise your company’s tax credits globally and throughout your supply chain.
    • You are billed on a contingent basis, no disbursements are charged.
  • You always have a solicitor attached to your file for every claim, at every stage, from initial analysis, to file preparation, to audit defence and beyond.
  • Positive working relationship with Canada Revenue Agency and HMRC.

Confidence in Results.

Our Services Include


Unique and proactive SR&ED-aware legal advice throughout the year


Proactive and simple evidence curation year-round to maximize your claim, audit-prep your claim, and minimize your effort


Non-intrusive and integrated services whether you’re a 3-person shop or a Fortune 500 company


Preparation of all required forms


Monitoring your SR&ED claim once filed


Audit defence and negotiation during government reviews


Consult, advise and make recommendations associated with future claims

All services are provided without risking your cash if you choose our contingent billing method, where we paid a percentage of tax credits granted.

Our personalized and highly professional team will help you in understanding the program and its subtleties, taking care of your claim, allowing you to focus on your business.

Who can claim SR&ED tax credits?

The SR&ED program is available to any business operating and carrying out R&D in Canada. Certain expenditures for SR&ED performed outside Canada are also permitted. Any business that is involved in basic or applied research, or in advancing technology in order to improve or develop new materials, devices, products or processes may be eligible under the SR&ED program.

We make claims for companies across a range of sectors including:


Aerospace, Defense and Security

advanced systems development, systems integration, obsolescence and lifecycle enhancements, materials science and engineering, structural and mechanical systems, optics, RADAR and LIDAR systems, security and simulation software, propulsion systems, aeronautics, airframe, avionics, repair methods, STC’s and LSTC’s.


Information Technology

software development, enterprise solutions, embedded systems, mobile and cloud based solutions, big data analytics, visualization systems, simulation systems, gaming systems, frameworks and engines.



machine modifications, process improvement, unique products. Mechanical, chemical, structural engineering products.



hardware developments, modification and customization.


Oil, Gas, and Energy

clean tech, biomass, solar, cogen equipment and methods, exploration equipment and methods, biofuels, drilling equipment and methods, compressors, well servicing equipment, hydraulic fracturing methods and equipment, analytics.


Materials engineering and sciences

nano materials and coatings.


Metal Fabrication

new materials, heat treatments, unique solutions.


Plastics Industry

resin types, quality and production time, polymers.



chemical design and synthesis, formulation, processes, experimentation.


Environmental Technologies

technological experimentation, product development

What benefits can I get from SR&ED tax credits?

A privately owned small- or mid-sized company in Canada can receive up to 68%, or more, of its R&D expenditures back as cash or a credit to offset its tax bill.

Larger, foreign-owned, or publicly-traded companies in Canada can receive up to 46%, or more, of its R&D expenditures as a credit to offset its tax bill.

But only if you are eligible under the law: all SR&ED claims are made, or broken, under the law. Corporate, tax, intellectual property, and international law. It’s all in the details. If you get any of those legal details wrong, you simply won’t be entitled to any benefits no matter how innovative your R&D efforts may be.

Get the Credits you are entitled to

​The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive program is the largest single source of federal government support designed to encourage research and development (R&D) in Canada.

Each year, the SR&ED program provides billions in investment tax credits (ITCs) to thousands of claimants. Of these, about 75% are small businesses.


of eligible companies never make a claim

Transatlantic Reach and Experience

Local Collaboration and Support

​Advisors, partners, champions

Every Stonecracker team member brings a wealth of SR&ED and R&D Relief tax knowledge, an industry focus and an understanding of the strategic implications of your choices to each client engagement.

Direct access to senior professionals

With Stonecracker you deal directly with proactive, seasoned SR&ED and R&D Relief tax professionals. Your lead lawyer, technical and financial analysts are actively engaged in every project from start to finish.

Kevin Wong, LL.B.

Kevin Wong, LL.B.

Partner – Stonecracker Scientific Law LLP

Stonecracker Scientific Law Office was founded in 2004 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by Kevin Wong.

As a solicitor, a founder of several technology companies, entrepreneur, and a veteran enterprise software developer, Kevin first encountered the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program in Canada in 1993, and the UK’s R&D Tax Credit Programme since 2008.

Since then, he has filed many millions of dollars worth of SR&ED and R&D Tax Credit claims, in a wide array of industries, on behalf of taxpayers in Canada and the UK.

Throughout his years of experience, Kevin developed a unique perspective of the SR&ED program being simultaneously an inventor, taxpayer, business owner and solicitor. Through this perspective, he realized a driving need for the creation of an SR&ED/R&D Tax Credit-focused law firm. This need was, in fact, unmet up until Stonecracker’s founding in 2004.

Kevin is licensed as a Barrister and Solicitor in Alberta, Canada and is admitted as a Solicitor in England and Wales.

In his down time, Kevin enjoys archery, traveling to exotic destinations and attending the theatre.

Angela Byrne, LL.B.

Angela Byrne, LL.B.

Partner – Stonecracker Scientific Law LLP

Before joining the Stonecracker team Angela’s practice focused on advocacy involving the litigation or negotiation of corporate commercial disputes for a variety of clients in a number of different industries. She has appeared on behalf of clients before all levels of court including the Alberta Court of Appeal and has advocated for clients before a number of administrative and regulatory bodies including the Alberta Securities Commission. As well, she has been involved in the litigation and resolution of disputes involving partnership, shareholder, and option agreements, commercial contracts, real estate, and estate matters. She has also been involved in Constitutional law disputes, defamation actions, judicial reviews, employment law matters, and class action suits.

Angela obtained her undergraduate degree in Political Science with Honours from McGill University and her law degree from Dalhousie University. After obtaining her undergraduate degree she lived and worked in the Canadian Arctic (Iqaluit, Kimmurut, and Tsiighetchic) and in Australia. After obtaining her law degree and before she moved to Calgary in 2001, she articled in Halifax with Eastern Canada’s largest law firm and then clerked with the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal.

Angela became a member of the Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society in 1999 and a member of the Law Society of Alberta in 2002. She is a member of the Canadian Bar Association and the Calgary Bar Association. She is active in her community and particularly with the Rotary Club (Downtown) and its Stay-In-School Program.

Craig Stirling, LL.B. (Hons)

Craig Stirling, LL.B. (Hons)

Partner – Davidson Chalmers Stewart LLP

Craig is a partner in our Edinburgh based member firm Davidson Chalmers Stewart LLP. He has many years of experience in advising technology companies of all sizes on a range of matters including M&A, debt and equity fund raisings, corporate structure, commercial contracts and a wide variety of intellectual property related matters as well as of course R&D Tax Credits. Over the years he has helped countless companies from their initial start-up or spin out, through often multiple funding rounds and, on many occasions, right through to an IPO or trade sale.

In his spare time Craig enjoys spending time with his family as well as a bit of road cycling and golf.


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